Laser Sources

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Laser Sources

Advanced Optowave Corporation laser solutions are designed for various applications, including industrial and scientific use cases. Explore our four core laser categories to find the right product for your operation. 

DPSS QS-ns Lasers

Diode-Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Q-switched nanosecond (QS-ns) lasers are designed to generate high-intensity, short-duration pulses of light within the nanosecond range. They are characterized by the use of laser crystals and diodes, which offer a solid-state gain medium and pump sources. The use of harmonic crystals extends the operation wavelength from IR to green, UV and deep UV.

It is the Q-switching technique that allows the lasers to pulse within the nanosecond range and create high peak power or pulse energy. Compared to traditional solid-state lasers, the diode pumping offers a longer life span with high reliability and reduced maintenance requirements. It is an excellent candidate for various application areas, including consumer electronics, material surface engraving, on-the-fly marking, glass engraving and 3D printing.

Ultrafast Lasers

Ultrafast lasers produce a pulse in a few picoseconds or a few hundred femtoseconds. These lasers are highly precise and offer reduced thermal impact compared to other laser types, reducing heat diffusion and creating higher-quality processing.

Our selection of ultrafast lasers includes the Montauk (pico-second: IR, Green and UV) and Jericho (femto-second: IR and Green) series, which offer features such as burst mode, pulse-on-demand (POD) and excellent beam quality. These lasers are ideal for cutting transparent and brittle materials, including glass, sapphire, phone screens, OLED, PI/FPC and beyond. They can achieve excellent cutting quality and create taper-free arbitrary shapes with virtually no dust, chipping or micro-cracks and without compromising bending strength. 

Femtosecond lasers can also be used for injector drilling, medical device manufacturing, polymer processing, semiconductor/photovoltaic processing, wafer scribing, and high-precision, high-speed micromachining.

MOPA-ns Lasers

Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) ns (nanosecond) lasers deliver precise pulse control and high power output. These capabilities are achieved through a master oscillator that generates the initial laser signal with the desired pulse shape and duration (sub-nanosecond to tens of nanosecond). An amplifier then boosts the power. 

MOPA-ns lasers offer configurability with adjustable pulse width and a wide range of repetition rates. The amplifier will increase the power output to allow for use cases in solar cell processing, battery electrodes welding, high-speed marking or rapid material removal. These applications will not compromise the beam quality or the pulse characteristics. The speed will equip you to do this with low-risk transfer. 

Customized Lasers

If you are looking for a specific laser with a certain speed, intensity or width, Advanced Optowave Corporation develops turnkey solutions. Our experts will consult with your team to understand your laser requirements and design a custom unit for your applications. We remain informed about the latest in laser technology to deliver high-performing products and flexible customizations.

Applications of Lasers

Advanced Optowave Corporation serves many industries with laser sources and their respective products. Many of our clients fall into the following industry categories:

  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Auto
  • Consumer electronics
  • New energy
  • Metal processing

Our team is available to assist you in meeting your laser requirements. With experience across industries and deep product knowledge, we can offer recommendations for products based on your operational demands. 

Contact Advanced Optowave Corporation 

Advanced Optowave Corporation has self-developed and manufactured industrial lasers by using premium materials and learning about the performance demands of our client base. Our laser sources technology is developed in-house, promoting innovation with our team and giving us complete oversight in production and quality control. If you want to see a demo, contact us directly. 

Our goal is to create high-quality laser machines that meet your objectives. Call to learn more and schedule an appointment to see our products in action.