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Laser Marking Applications

The flexibility that comes with our laser marking solutions is extensive. These systems were built to be capable of handling a variety of common materials from glass, leather, polymer, wood and metal to consumer electronics and new energy instruments. These laser marking systems offer the utmost flexibility for every application, with configurability for material sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. 

The end result is the ability to complete the most intricate, legible markings or broad, large-scale branding for your applications. Work with one of the experts at Advanced Optowave Corporation to find the best system for your goals.

Laser Marking for Industrial Applications

The industrial sector needs a laser marking solution capable of high-volume work and with the ability to integrate seamlessly into an existing production line. What you need is an industrial laser marker that is reliable and durable so there is no downtime and your productivity can increase. 

Many of our models are well-suited to multiple use cases in the industrial sector, enabling operations to find the appropriate system for their applications. Common use cases in the industrial sphere include marking parts and packages with serial numbers and batch codes to ensure traceability throughout the life cycle of a product. For consumer products, use laser marking systems to apply your logo or branding directly to your product.

Laser Marking for Microelectronics

If you need to mark small electronic components like integrated circuits or printed circuit boards, laser marking in manufacturing processes can increase your speed and efficiency. You can create codes, serial numbers and barcodes on the components for traceability during their life cycle. 

The materials in this industry demand delicate marks and a hygienic environment that traditional, high-maintenance inkjet printers can’t achieve. Laser technology is the superior choice for microelectronics. As a non-contact process, laser marking generates very little mechanical stress and contamination, resulting in the clean environment required for electronic manufacturing. 

Laser Marking for Medical Devices

Laser marking systems are non-toxic and do not contact the workpiece, making them an ideal solution for medical devices where contamination is a concern.

The uses for laser marking within the medical field can include placing identification on instruments such as surgical tools. You can apply critical information to medical implants, such as serial numbers and manufacturing data. The process will enable you to increase patient safety and device functionality by applying the information to meet regulatory standards.

One of the most remarkable applications for laser marking in medical device manufacturing is cases where devices must stay in the human body. Stents, tubes and implants often require identification information, but must remain safe and hygienic. Laser marking makes this possible.

Laser Marking for Glass Processing

As with medical devices, glass processing requires a non-contact solution for marking pieces with serial numbers and product codes. Laser marking systems apply markings delicately enough for thin glass components like phone screens.

Advanced Optowave Corporation provides laser marking solutions for leading phone manufacturers. Our ultrafast lasers deliver the precision needed for these delicate parts. We also offer laser marking solutions for craftwork. UV marking systems are ideal for these use cases.

Laser Marking for Micromachining

Micromachining involves small, intricate parts that often require serial or part numbers for life cycle management. When marking these components, operations need a highly precise solution that can operate on a limited surface area. Laser marking systems from Advanced Optowave Corporation deliver that precision. 

Micromachined parts are common in many industries, including electronics and medical device manufacturing. These parts include various critical components such as contacts and electrodes, pins, regulators and probes. 

Get in Touch for Laser Solutions 

Our laser marking systems are manufactured in-house at Advanced Optowave Corporation. We have full control over the quality and laser technology of our devices, allowing us to deliver premium products to fit your needs. Each member of our team is knowledgeable on laser technology as well as our product range. 

If you need assistance with technical data or you would like to see the laser marking applications in action, schedule a demonstration with us. Contact us today to find the right laser solution for you.



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