Laser Marking for Food and Beverage

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Marking on the Fly vs. Continuous Inkjet Printers

The food and beverage industry has high-volume production demands and stringent traceability requirements related to consumer safety. Manufacturers require a fast and trusted method for identifying products and tracking them through the supply chain. Advanced Optowave Corporation offers high-performance laser marking systems to meet these identification requirements. 

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Benefits of Laser Marking for Packaging and Food

Laser marking has become a popular method for marking food and beverage packaging. Manufacturers often choose this process for:

  • Efficiency: Laser marking is a noncontact process that does not require cooling or drying like other marking methods. The lack of downtime means manufacturers can keep products moving through production lines and maintain the high volume demands that are common in the food and beverage industry.
  • Sustainability: Laser marking systems have no associated consumables and do not generate toxic chemicals or waste. As more manufacturers commit to sustainability initiatives, many have switched to laser marking for its low-waste process.
  • Longevity: When a laser makes contact with a substrate, it creates a chemical interaction just below the surface, leaving a visible mark. This process offers excellent clarity with total permanence, ensuring markings last through every stage in the supply chain.
  • Versatility: The chemical reaction created by a laser marking machine can occur on a wide range of materials, even substrates that are more sensitive to other marking methods. This versatility makes laser marking ideal in the food and beverage industry. This method can be used to mark a wide range of plastics, cardboard and metals like aluminum and steel.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Laser marking is a cost-effective process because it does not require consumables and often increases productivity. When manufacturers can reduce operating costs, they can also increase profitability. Laser marking systems are an investment that proves to be more economical over time. 

Applications of Laser Marking in Food Packaging

Laser marking is a key aspect of the food traceability process. Manufacturers use various identification methods to identify food and beverage products and track them through the supply chain. This traceability is essential for food safety. If a manufacturer discovers a safety risk with a food or beverage item, identification methods can help them determine which products need to be removed from the supply chain and how to best alert consumers. These identification types can include:

  • Serial numbers
  • QR codes
  • Barcodes

Many industry governing bodies require these identification techniques due to their connection to consumer safety. Operations need a reliable and permanent solution for these ID types, and laser marking provides that capability.

In addition to traceability and compliance, laser marking can be used for branding in the food and beverage industry. It can add logos, catchphrases and more to a wide range of packaging types, from various plastics to cardboard, without creating paper or adhesive waste.

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