AONano Precision Series

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AONano Precision Series
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Features & Benefits

This is the intelligent version of our AONano Precision-355 laser serials. With the intelligent features listed below, the long-term stability of the laser is significantly improved, and the service time/cost is greatly reduced.

All-in-one format: the optical cavity and electrical controller are integrated into a single box.
Power monitoring: the laser output power is monitored and consequently the real-time power reading is available in the laser GUI and RS232-command.

Auto-optimization: the laser output power can be auto-optimized with the feature of power monitoring. This means that the laser output power can be recovered by auto-optimization if it drops to a level below the pre-defined threshold. If the power cannot be recovered, the laser will report an alarm. This can significantly reduce the service time and cost.

Crystal indexing: there are multiple spots available for use on the THG crystal. The spot indexing can be controlled manually or automatically by a pre-defined sequence. There are five spots available on the THG crystal, which means the laser lifetime can be extended by five times.
The AONano Precision-355 series laser is a perfect candidate for various laser micromachining applications. It is a great cost-effective combination of high reliability and high performance.

AONano precision 355

AONano Precision 355
Specification 15W – 50k 20W – 60k 25W-50k
Wavelength (nm)  355
Average Power (Watts) >15W@50kHz) >20W@60kHz >25W@50kHz
Energy (µJ) >300 >330 >500
Specified Repetition Rate(kHz) 50 60 50
Repetition Rate (kHz) 10~300
Pulse Width (ns) <15 <15 <20
Beam Quality (M²) <1.2
Beam Roundness (%) >90
Beam Diameter (mm) ~0.55 ~0.47 ~0.55
Beam Divergence (mRad) <2
Point Stability (µRad/°C) <20
Polarization Ratio 100:1 Linear, Horizontal
Pulse-to-Pulse Stability(% RMS) <3
Average Power Stability (% over 12 hours) <3
Cold Start Warm-Up (mins.) <40
Standby Warm-Up <10
Operational Temperature Range (°C) 5-40°C
Operation Humidity Range (%) 20 to 80, non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range (°C) – 20 to 50
Storage Humidity Range (%) 20 to 80, non-condensing
Input Voltage (VDC)/Rated Power(W) 24/450 24/600
Power Consumption(W) <260 <310 <350
Communication RS232
Cooling Water
Weight (kg) 20