AOFemto Jericho Green

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AOFemto Jericho Femtosecond Green Laser

Features & Benefits

AOFemto Jericho femtosecond Green lasers feature excellent beam quality (M² < 1.2) with beam roundness is up to 95%. The pulse stability and power stability of the laser are excellent. The output power of the laser is in the range from 5W to 30W.

The lasers can be controlled via external gate/trigger signals. Both high/low level gate and rising/falling edge trigger are available. The rising/falling edge trigger mode enables Pulse-on-demand (POD) functionality. In addition, the output power of the laser can be controlled through external analog voltage signal.

With a pulse width of <800fs, there is almost no heat damage during processing. The AOFemto Jericho femtosecond Green lasers are suitable for high-precision laser micro-machining applications, including medical device manufacturing, Nitinol metal cutting, polymer material cutting, drilling, and so on.

AOfemto Green

AOFemto 515
Specification 5W-100k 30W-1000k
Wavelength (nm) 515
Average Power (Watts) >5W@100kHz >30W@1000kHz
Energy (µJ) >50 >30
Specified Repetition Rate(kHz) 100 1000
Repetition Rate (kHz) 50-300 500-2000
Pulse Width (fs) <800
Beam Quality (M²) <1.2
Beam Roundness (%) >90
Beam Diameter (mm) 1.3±0.2 3~3.5
Beam Divergence (mRad) <2
Point Stability (µRad/°C) <50
Polarization Ratio 100:1 Linear, Horizontal
Pulse-to-Pulse Stability (% RMS) <2% RMS over 10 hours
Average Power Stability (% over 12 hours) <3
Cold Start Warm-Up (mins.) <45
Standby Warm-Up (mins.) <15
Operational Temperature Range (°C) 15 to 35
Operation Humidity Range (%) 20 to 80, non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range (°C) -20 to 50
Storage Humidity Range (%) 20 to 80, non-condensing
Input Voltage (VDC)/Rated Power(W) 24 / 1000
Communication RS232
Cooling Water

AOFemto Jericho Series