AOPico Montauk IR

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AOPico Montauk Picosecond IR laser

Features & Benefits

AOPico Montauk IR picosecond lasers feature excellent beam quality (M² < 1.3) with beam roundness is up to 90%. The pulse stability and power stability of the laser are excellent. The output power of the laser ranges from 30W to 100W.

The lasers can be controlled via external gate/trigger signals. Both high/low level gate and rising/falling edge trigger are available. The rising/falling edge trigger mode enables Pulse-on-demand (POD) functionality. In addition, the output power of the laser can be controlled through external analog voltage signal. The lasers also have the functions of automatic crystal indexing function, power display, laser status real-time monitoring, and intelligent diagnosis. Through the use of various internal sensors, the laser status is completely monitored, which enables remote trouble- shooting and recovery. The user experience is greatly improved as the laser is user-friendly.

With these advantages, AOPico Montauk picosecond IR lasers are the best choice for the applications of cutting various transparent brittle materials such as glass, sapphire, and full-screen displays. It not only cuts a wide range of thicknesses with good quality (virtually no dust, no burrs, debris, microcracks), but also allows for cutting of almost any shape with minimal taper (straight lines, curves, circular holes, etc.).


AOPico 1064

AOPico Montauk 1064
Specification 30W-100K 50W-50K 70W-30K 100W-1000K
Wavelength (nm) 1064
Average Power (Watts) >30 >50 >70 >100
Energy (µJ) 300@100kHz 1000@50kHz 3000@20kHz 100@1000kHz
Specified Repetition Rate (kHz) 100 50 30 1000
Repetition Rate (kHz) 100~1000 50~300 20~1000 500~1000
Pulse Width (ps) <12
Beam Quality (M²) <1.3 <1.3 <1.3 <1.3
Beam Roundness (%) >90
Beam Diameter (mm) <3
Beam Divergence (mRad) <2
Point Stability (µrad/°C) <20
Polarization Ratio 100:1 Linear, Horizontal
Pulse-to-Pulse Stability (% RMS) <2
Average Power Stability (% over 12 hours) <3
Cold Start Warm-Up (mins.) <40
Standby Warm-Up (mins.) <10
Operational Temperature Range (°C) 15-35°C
Operation Humidity Range (%) 20 to 80, non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range (°C) -20 to 50
Storage Humidity Range (%) 20 to 80, non-condensing
Input Voltage (VDC)/Rated Power(W) 24/1000
Communication RS232
Cooling Water