Laser Marking Systems

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Laser Marking

Laser marking systems from Advanced Optowave Corporation are suitable for a wide range of applications. Each system offers various features that make it ideal for specific materials and use cases. Explore our full suite of laser marking systems and consult with an expert on our team to learn more.

Fiber Laser Markers

Fiber laser markers apply the same technology as optical fibers in telecommunications. These systems use infrared (IR) lasers through optical fibers to amplify the power and produce a high-output laser. This system design creates a higher output than other laser marker designs and can meet high throughput requirements.

Our selection of fiber laser markers is valuable for a range of applications, including SUS marking, plastic packaging marking and metal marking. Other use cases include engraving, coating removal and welding thin metal sheets. With pulse width configuration, our fiber marker lasers can be adjusted to work for your needs.

CO2 Laser Markers

CO2 laser markers generate a laser with a tube of CO2 gas. This gas is enclosed with electrodes that create an electrical discharge. When this electrical discharge interacts with the gas, plasma and light are generated. The light can then be amplified to function as a laser. 

These types of laser marking systems are ideal for organic materials like wood and glass. Our models have different operation modes, from continuous power or pulsed options. Meet your application’s needs with various configurations and power ratings that work for your material’s thickness. 

UV Laser Systems

The UV laser system uses ultraviolet light to create a high-contrast mark on sensitive materials. The laser in these systems passes through two nonlinear crystals to reduce the wavelength, supporting the cold marking process. This lower wavelength produces minimal heat stress for delicate materials like leather, resins, plastics and glass. 

Benefits of Using Laser Marking Systems

At Advanced Optowave Corporation, we develop and manufacture our systems in-house to deliver industry-leading products. This in-house process enables complete control over the quality of our laser marking machines. With Advanced Optowave laser marking systems, you can create fine, abrasion-resistant marks that are legible and scannable, perfect for applications where traceability and quality control are needed. Other benefits of our systems include:

  • High marking speeds for meeting high production volumes.
  • Reduced consumable waste for more sustainable practices.
  • System versatility to meet a range of material applications.
  • Non-contact marking to eliminate mechanical stress.

Applications for Laser Marking Systems

Advanced Optowave Corporation serves many industries with our marking lasers. We serve clients in sectors such as:

  • Industrial manufacturing: Laser marking is ideal for parts identification, traceability and quality control in this space. Top manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and tooling sectors rely on laser marking systems for these applications.
  • Medical industry: Surgical instruments, medical devices and pharmaceutical packing require a laser system to provide contaminant-free marking.
  • Consumer goods: Laser marking systems can help operations align with their branding standards by adding logos to product packaging and other objects. Consumer goods providers can also use laser marking to add product information to smaller items and electronic devices. 
  • Packing: Laser marking systems can add expiration dates, batch numbers and barcodes.