AOMarker H Series Portable Handheld Laser Marker

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Portable Handheld Laser Marker
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AOMarker Series (Portable Fiber Laser Marking System)

Fiber Laser Marking System With Enclosure

The AOMarker H Series portable handheld marker is designed for small spaces and ultimate portability. Thanks to the compact optics & mechanical structure, the H series is exceptionally lightweight and versatile. It’s perfect for marking, coding, and serializing parts of all shapes and sizes. The software is integrated with the latest in touchscreen technology and can be mastered within 20 minutes. Two power options available and tailored to your preference: battery operated for mobility or plug-in for a constant power supply.




H20 H20-B H30 H30-B H50 H50-B H100

Case Material

Engineering plastic Sheet Metal
Laser Type Fiber CW
Laser Power ≥18-20W ≥30W ≥50W ≥100W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Maximum Pulse Energy 0.75mJ 1.1mJ 1.5mJ
Frequency Range 30-60 kHz
Scanning Method Highly-precision two-dimensional
Mark Speed ≥7000mm/s
Control System Highly-integrated motherboard, 7-inch touch screen, Linux system
Cooling System Air cooled
Type of Marking Line Dot matrix and vector
Reflector Size Standard size: 8.5mm
Marking Range Standard: 50mmx50mm or 100mmx100mm
Lines of Marking No limit within the marking range
Marking Speed 650 characters / sec (the specific speed is related to product material and printing contents)
Fonts English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Arabic numerals and others
File Format BMP/PNG/JPG/JPEG/GIF/PBM/PLT (PLT is recommended)
Power Supply 110V Battery 12000mAh
Power Consumption ≥220W ≥250W ≥300W ≥500W
Battery Run Time At 22°C; 5.5hours
Full Charge Time 4 hours
Weight 7.8kg 8.4kg 9kg 9.8kg 8kg 8.8kg 25kg
Over-voltage Category II
Working Condition 0-40°C, 30-50RH (no condensing) 0-40°C, 30-80RH (no condensing)