Advanced Optowave Corporation’s Management

Jay Zhao – President/CEOJay Zhao – President/CEO

Jay Zhao is one of the founders of Advanced Optowave and has been instrumental in leading the team in the development of one of the industries most cost-effective diode-pumped solid-state laser product lines. Jay is currently responsible for new product development and developing novel laser application solutions, in addition to long-term marketing and business strategies. Jay is recognized in the solid state industrial laser community for his is work in high conversion efficiency harmonics generation as well as being a technology executive that has demonstrated his leadership by establishing an efficiently run electro optics business.

In 1994, Jay received a PhD from Huazhong University of Science & Technology in Electrical Engineering with emphases in Optoelectronics. Upon completion of his PhD Jay continued his research in the area of optoelectronics and lasers at the Institute of Molecular Science (Japan) and Princeton University. In 2000 Jay moved from the academic world and into the laser industry. At Photonic Industries International he applied his expertise and knowledge on a number of diode-pumped solid state industrial laser products. Jay’s broad knowledge and experience in the areas of laser technologies and lasers applications give him an excellent foundation for leading the team at Advanced Optowave in the development of the next generation of diode-pumped solid-state laser solutions that are cost effective and meet the demands of our customer.

Charles Fischer – Director of OperationsCharles Fischer –Chief Operating Officer

Charles has been with Advanced Optowave since August 2012 and holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. In his current role, Charles is responsible for overseeing Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, Inventory, Legal, Purchasing, Shipping, and Facilities.

Prior to his time at Advanced Optowave, Charles has spent 23 years in the banking world working for JPMorgan Chase & HSBC. During his twenty years at JPM, he held positions as a Financial Controller, VP of Management Reporting, and Vice President of Finance for various Groups including Corporate Systems & Telecom, the Insurance Group and Small Business Financial Services. In his three years at HSBC, he held the positions of Vice President & Senior Financial Analyst in the Private Bank.

Charles has also served in New York State as an elected official of the Incorporated Village of Brightwaters as a Trustee from 2000 – 2012. In addition to his position as Trustee, Charles held the roles of Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Mayor for the Village. Upon graduation from college, Charles worked directly for State Supreme Court and Family Court Justice Catherine T. England in legal and financial positions. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree from Long Island University and an MBA from Dowling College.

Mike Armas - Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Mike Armas – Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Mike Armas is our Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advanced Optowave Corporation overseeing all sales and marketing activities. Mike is leading the effort to reintroduce the company to the marketplace as the preeminent, cost-effective supplier of diode-pumped solid-state solutions.

Mike is recognized in the electro optics industry as a technology executive with a demonstrated track record of growing companies from their early stages to achieving significant revenue growth based on proven solution selling techniques, all while maintaining a strong customer focus insuring customer loyalty.

Throughout his career, Mike has held both commercial and technical leadership positions at industry leading companies in the laser and photonics marketspace. For over 30 years, he has worked with companies the likes of ESI, Rofin, Raydiance, General Atomics and Coherent, which have given him the opportunity to build a strong industry knowledge in the areas of Gas Lasers, DPSS Lasers and Ultrafast Laser for Micromachining, Medical Device Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

Prior to joining Advanced Optowave Corporation, he served as Senior Director of Strategic Accounts for ESI, Inc., a leading capital equipment laser machine tool provider based out of Portland, Oregon.
Mike began his career in the laser industry at Coherent, where he spent over 15 years in a variety of technical and commercial leadership roles.

Stephen Hypsh - VP of Business DevelopmentStephen Hypsh – VP of Business Development

Stephen Hypsh is the Vice President of Business Development for Advanced Optowave Corporation. Stephen is extensively involved in the reintroduction of Advanced Optowave to the laser industry with the ultimate goal of increasing business worldwide for our diode-pumped solid-state laser solutions. Hypsh is recognized as a technology executive with proven experience in growing companies from their early stages to significant revenue grow and industry recognition.

Throughout his career, Mr. Hypsh has held leadership positions at industry leading companies, primarily in the laser arena. For over 15 years, he has worked with companies such as, Jenoptik, Raydiance and TRUMPF, which have allowed him to interact with the latest in laser technology as each company while growing each from concept to industry leaders. Stephen focuses on the Medical Device Industry, Automotive Industry, Consumer Electronics and Semiconductor Industry allowing him to reinvent how laser technology can advance an organization. Prior to joining Advanced Optowave Corporation, he served as Vice President – Business Unit Lasers – North America for Jenoptik AG, a photonics industry leading laser and optical manufacturer based out of Jena, Germany. Earlier in his career, he had held several executive business development roles with start-up femtosecond manufacturer Raydiance, Inc. based out of Petaluma, CA.

Hypsh began his career in the laser industry at TRUMPF, where he spent 8 years in a variety of executive roles for the micro and macro laser divisions. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Post College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and an Associates of Science degree in Marketing.

Jack Zhang - Director of the Innovations LabJack Zhang – Director of Application Engineering

Since 2000, Jack has served as senior scientist in several high-tech companies in Canada and in the USA. Currently, as a senior member of the executive team and director for Advanced Optowave Corporation, Dr. Zhang is responsible for key laser application development. Prior to joining Advanced Optowave Corporation, Dr. Zhang served as senior laser applications engineer and technology head for Panasonic’s Boston Laboratory.

He has more than 20 years’ experience in laser material processing and device fabrication in both academia and industry. Dr. Zhang has published more than 50 peer review papers and he has been awarded the Alexander von Humboldt German Award in 1994 and STA (Japan) research fellowship in 1996, respectively. In 1997, he won “Prize of Progress” for the laser Society of Japan.

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D in Laser Chemistry in Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science in 1992.

Chun He – Director of EngineeringChun He – Director of Engineering

Chun He is the Director of Engineering at Advanced Optowave Corporation. He formerly served in the roles of Director of Engineering, Manager of Engineering, Chief Product Designer, and Chief Engineer in Optical Metrology companies and Fiber Optic Component and Module companies. He has over 25 years of experience in research and product development for fiber lasers, fiber optics, semiconductor lasers, surface science, and photonics. His current focus has been on ultra short pulse mode locked fiber lasers and amplifiers.

Chun He received his Ph.D. degree from Penn State University in 1990, majoring in laser induced chemistry and laser spectroscopy. He has published 90 peer-reviewed articles in professional journals, including Nature, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Applied Physics Letter, and Journal of Chemical Physics, and over 40 invited talks in international and national symposiums and workshops. He has been granted 13 US patents and 4 pending US patents in fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, device fabrication, fiber-optics, and semiconductor lasers.